Indenture Bond signed by Joel Lane

Here is a transcript of an indenture bond signed by Joel Lane in 1784 on behalf of an orphan named William Tate discovered by our Education Chairman in the vaults in the State Archives in Raleigh:

State of North Carolina Wake County
This indenture made this 5th Day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty four between Joel Lane Esquire Chairman and Presiding Justice of our Said Court on behalf of himself as well as the rest of the Justices of the Said court of the one part and John Moore of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Joel Lane on behalf of himself as well as the rest of the Justices aforesaid hath put out and bound William Tate an Orphan—apprentice to the said John Moore the Said John Moore is to Teach his said apprentice in the art Mastery and occupation of a Farmer and futher to teach or Cause to be Instructed in Reading & Writing agreeable to his Degree and According to Law and the Said William Tate apprentice as aforesaid is to Serve his Said Master well and faithfully untill he attains the age of Twenty One years being on or about the age of _____ years, during which time the Said John Moore Shall provide and procure for this Said apprentice sufficient, meat, Drink, Washing Lodging and Apparel, both Linning and Woolen fit and Convenient for Such an apprentice and to doe and perform every article and thing mentioned in an Act of General Assembly of the State aforesaid in that Case made and provided In Witness whereof the parties hath hereunto Set there hands & Seals the Day year above mentioned.
signed sealed and Delivered in the presence of H Hall
[Signed and sealed] Joel Lane John Moore