Minutes of Meetings of Commissioners Who Chose J Lane’s Land for the Location of the State Capital

Transcript of Minutes from the March, 1792 Meetings of the Commissioners
Who Chose Joel Lane’s Land for the Location of the State Capital

North Carolina Wake County
At a meeting of the Commissioners appointed by the General Assembly to carry into effect An Act to carry into effect the Ordinance of the Convention held at Hillsborough in July 1758 entitled an Ordinance for Establishing a place for holding the future meetings of the General Assembly and the place of Residence of the Chief Officers of the State.
Present in the House of Isaac Hunter on Tuesday 20th of March 1792 from the District of
New Bern Frederick Hargett Esq
Edenton William I Dawson Esq
Morgan, Joseph McDowell Esq
Salisbury James Martin Esq
Halifax Thomas Blount Esq
Adjourned to the Home of Col. Joel Lane at Wake Court House
Wednesday 21st—Began to view the several places nominated by persons residing within the limits presented by the above mentioned Ordinance of Convention & viewed the Lands of Nathaniel Jones at the cross-roads near the Western part of the circle__Same day Willie Jones Esquire ninth commissioner arrived at Wake Court House
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