Minutes of Commissioners from June, 1792

Transcript of Minutes of Commissioners’ Meeting on June 4, 1792
Wake Court House 4th June 1792
Met according to adjournment
Present Frederick Harget Esqr Chairman
Willie Jones Esqr
William I Dawson Esqr
Joseph McDowall Esqr
Thomas Bount Esqr
Jame Bloodworth Esqr
James Martin Esqr

Resolved to rescind the resolution of the 5th of April last reflecting the Condition of Sale & allow nine months Credit on all sums___

Resolved to reserve for the public Lots No. 178 179: 194: & 195 which form union Square whereon the State house is to be Erected and No. 110: 111: 126: 127: 118: 119: 134: 135: 238: 239: 254: 255: 246: 247: 262: & 263 which form four other Squares_____

Resolved to begin the Sale this day at 3 oClock at Lot No. 210 and continue it from day to day Beginning every day hereafter at ten oClock, till all are sold or so many as we may Deem it proper to sell at the meeting,____
Sold this Day Twenty Lots__

5th Resolved to reserve Lots No. 130: & 154 to make bricks on for the State house,___
John Geddy was Appointed Vendue Master and William Christmas was appointed Clark to this Board__Sold this day thirty one lots__

6th Resolved that the Commissioners for Superentending the public Buildings, be allowed to Cut timber in any of the Streets for fire wood to burn Bricks, & pine timber on any part of the Public land Without the Limits of the City or on the Lots No. 154 & 130__Sold this day thirty Seven lots___

7th Sold this day Sixty lots___

8th Sold this Day Sixty four Lots___

9th Closed the Sale of Two Hundred & twelve Lots from No. 43 to 276 Inclusive (Public Lots Excepted). Amount of Sales Six Thousand Six Hundred & Twelve pounds fifteen shillings; and Resolved to Reserve the rest, that is to say, from No. 1 to 42 Inclusive To be sold on a future day, as the legislature may Direct.____

Resolved to allow to John Geddy Vendue Master Two pounds ten shillings p day for five Days & To William Christmas Clark Two pounds ten shillings p Day for Seven Days__

10th Thomas Blount Exhibited his account for and vouchers for the money expended by Mr Dawson and him self on the public Square & Streets of the City Stating a balance due him of one Pound & Six pence which was allowed____

Col Theophilus Hunter was allowed agreeable to contract with the Board Nine pounds for furnishing the posts used in laying off the City___

Col Joel Lane was allowed for entertaining Mr Blount & Mr Dawson 15 Days, while superintinding the improvements directed by the Board on the Public Square & Streets, & the Liquors furnished the Labourers………………………………… £ 30.10.0
for entertaining Seven Commissioners 8 Days 9
at this meeting………………………………………6 28.0
& for hire of 5 negroes 1 Day……………………….. 1.0
£ 59.10—
Ordered that the Chairman draw on the Public Squares in favor of John Geddy for his Serving as Vendue Master for Twelve pounds ten shillings, in favor of William Christmas for his Serving as Clark, for Seventeen pounds, Ten Shillings; in favor of Col. Theophilus Hunter for amount of posts furnished, Nine pounds; in favor of Thomas Blount for balance of his account rendered it settled, one pound & six pence; & in favor of Joel Lane for his Accounts allowed, for Fifty nine pounds ten Shillings.

Willie Jones Esqr ninth Commissioner was allowed for Eight Days attendance, travelling 160 miles & expenses coming & returning £16 0 0____Sixteen pounds____

James Bloodworth Esqr Commissioner from Wilmington District was allowed for Eight days attendance , travelling 200 miles, & expenses coming & returning £ 18.0.0 Eighteen pounds___

Joseph McDowall Esqr commissioner from Morgan District was allowed for Eight Days attendance & travelling 470 miles & expenses coming & returning £ 32.0.0 Thirty two pounds._____

James Martin Esqr Commissioner from Salisbury District was allowed for Eight Days attendance, travelling 250 miles & expenses coming & returning £ 20.10.0 Twenty pounds ten Shillings.

Frederick Harget Esqr. Commissioner from New Bern District was allowed for 26 Days attendance travelling 408 miles & expenses coming & returning Both times included ………...
£ 46.0.0
52 miles travelling, 4 days attendance, & expenses at
New Bern to get Bonds& advertisements printed………………………8.10
Amount of Printers acco. by him paid……………………………………8.16
Sixty three pounds Six Shillings £ 63.6.0

William I. Dawson Esqr. Commissioner from Edenton District was allowed for 39 Days attendance, travelling 520 miles & expenses coming & returning £ 68.0.0
Printers account by him paid……. 6.9.0
Seventy four pounds nine Shillings….. £ 74.9.0

Thomas Blount Esqr Commissioner from Halifax District was allowed for 39 Days attendance, travelling 280 miles, & expenses coming & returning…………… £ 53.0 .0
Expenses going to Hillsb.o for mony to pay Labourers 1.10.0
Fifty four pounds ten shillings. £ 54.10.0

Ordered that the Chairman Pay the proceedings of the Board together with the Deed for the Land & that of the City before the next General Assembly ___ This to be remembered that in running the City at any future day the Beginning is at the South West corner of Union Square & on the same corner___of Lot No 179___

Adjourned to the meeting of the next General Assembly___________________ [signed]
Fred. re Harrington Chairman
Willie Jones
John McDowell
Jas. Bloodworth
W. I. Dawson
Thos Blount
Ja Martin

On reverse of the last page of above:
In Tenth Decr 17__ This report with these papers accompanying the same was referred to the Committee to whom the report of Commissioners for Sup[?] intending the public meetings at the Seat of Government was referred___
By order ______ Haywood Cl
The House of Comm___
4th Dec. 1792 _____ & referred as by the same
By order
J Hunt
[There is another line which is illegible.]
In a different hand: Commissi.n of Pauker [?] Journal