Estate Sales of 1795

An intimate glimpse into the everyday life of the Lane family is afforded through reading the inventory of Joel Lane’s family belongings.

“Account of Joel Lane, dec.” Sold October 21, 1795:

—-1 counterpin—-1 pr of sheets
—-1 rug—-4 table cloths
—-3 towells—-1 small walnut table
—-1 large bowl—-2 Dutch ovens
—-pot hooks —-2 pot lids
—-1 pr andirons—-2 sifters
—-A Lot of Medson(sic) and Phials—-1 gridiron
—-9 club axes—-5 bridle bitts
—-8 weed hoes—-6 grubbing hoes
—-15 cutters—-1 iron spitt
—-1 Lot of Books—-4 woolen wheels
—-3 linen wheels—-12 barrels Cyder
—-4 old plow frames—-barrels of corn
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
An itemized inventory was “Recorded in the Clarks Office of the County of Wake in Book D. and (p.138) this 9th. day of June 1797.” H. Lane. C.C. (There is no information as to whether this is a complete list of everything that Joel Lane possessed at the time of his death. Some items may have already been moved to family members’ houses.)

Here are the items listed by category:


—-6 head of horses —-35 head of sheep
—-13 cows and calves —-50 head of hogs
—-25 head of Cattle —-6 Bee hives


—-9 beds, 9 bed hides —-10 bed steds and cords
—-2 small beds and steds —-2 walnut desks
—-6 walnut chairs —-2 large walnut tables
—-l small walnut table —-l small dressing table
—-18 Windsor chairs —-1 walnut candle stand
—-l large Looking Glass —-2 small Looking Glasses
—-7 small Pine Tables —-2 Large Pine Chests
—-1 Cradle —-3 Large Pine Tables


—-“A Quantity of Earthen and Chiney Ware, Suitable for a Boffatt”
—-1 large bell mettal tea kittle—-3 small Bell mettal Tea
—-l brass kittle —-1 coffee mill
—-4 pewter basons —-3 pewter plates
—-9 pewter spoons —-small quantity of old
flat irons
—-4 flat irons —-7 iron pots
—-3 Dutch ovens —-1 iron skillet
—-1 grid iron—-2 frying pans
—-1 iron jack—-3 iron pot rods
—-3 iron pot hooks—-3 tin coffee pots
—-l brass coffee pot—-a parcel of barrels
—-Stand & Chafing Dish—-1 spice mortar
—-3 case bottles—-a small quantity of glass
—-8 churns—-2 brushes
—-12 butter pots—-3 pr tongs
—-2 jugs—-1 pr spoon molds
—-1 quart and gill pot—-1 trivett
—-l silver punch ladle—-2 pr silver tongs
—-2 pails—-3 tubs

—-4 case knives —-l baking hoe
—-5 piggins—-l knife box
—-2 trays—-1 stone jar
—-2 sifters—-1 pewter in holder
—-1 sarch—-1 pr hand irons
—-1 Real & Warping Bars—-1 Tea Canister
—-3 powering tubs—-l caster
—-2 grind stones—-3 old cases
—-1 water pitcher—-1 pan
—-5 lb. Loaf Sugar—-1 Sugar Box


—-1 pr Sheep Shares—-1 Yoke of Oxen
—-l old Hand Saw—-1 cart
—-1 whip saw—-1 old riding chair and
—-1 water can—-l loom and warping bars
—-1 pr bellows—-1 anvil
—-4 harnesses—-1 vice
—-11 slays—-4 cotton wheels
—-2 small hammers—-1 linen wheel
—-1 iron—-l hackle
—-2 pr smith tongs—-4 old bridles
—-1 pr sheares


—-1/2 barrel of soap—-4 chamberpots
—-3 ladies’ saddles—-a parcel of leather, the ——1 comb quantity not known, it
—-2 men’s saddles being in tan
—-l buckle brush—-2 razors
—-1 pr saddle bags—-judgments, bonds, open
—-2 umberalass accounts
—-small book—-1 safe


—-6 brass candlesticks
—-2 iron candlesticks
—-6 pr snuffers
—-l lanthurn
—-3 dozen candles